Indianapolis Children’s Museum

23 04 2013


























DSC_0144So, better late than never I suppose.  These are some pictures that I’ve been meaning to share from several weeks ago when we went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  I highly recommend it for anyone!  It was all very interesting to me as well as my children.  Well, except maybe for when Jacob played in the sandbox.  I can’t say I really learned anything new from that!  Tim’s grandparents bought us a family pass as a Christmas gift, so we have been looking forward to using it.  Grandma came to stay with us for a few days while Grandpa and Daddy were golfing so we decided that would be a great time to go.

They have some displays that are permanent, and many others that are only there for a certain period of time until something new will come in.  The Hot Wheels exhibit was a temporary one and we tried to make the most of it!  I am hoping to get back over there with Tim in tow before it is gone.  I am sure he would enjoy it as much as his boys.  We also enjoyed exhibits about dinosaurs, trains, dollhouses, physics, glass sculptures, a water clock, the planetarium, geckos, underwater sea exploration, Egyptian history, and others.  I think we only covered around half of the museum in the entire day that we were there!  We very much look forward to more trips! Thanks again Mana and Grandpa!


Odds and Ends

21 04 2013

Hannah bday 11

We celebrated Hannah’s 11th birthday this past week.  11??!!  I just need to slow time down a bit!  I think that she enjoyed her day, although she would have preferred that her father was not traveling that day and that the weather had been sunny rather than pouring down rain and storming.  I typically let my kids choose all the meals for their special day and this was no different.  Hannah wanted chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, shells & cheese with Gala apples for lunch, and spaghetti and meatballs with salad for dinner.  Her choice of a birthday treat was homemade cinnamon rolls.  They are definitely a favorite of everyone in our house!  I think we were all on carb overload by the end of the day.  Since Tim had to leave out of town that morning, the day before her birthday we went to lunch as a family and she opened her gift from us then.

Hannah bday


We have had some very interesting weather here lately.  This past week we have had an enormous amount of rain – which has made the local creeks and river quite powerful and damaging to many areas.  Last week we had a hail storm out of the blue.  I have never personally seen hail that size with my own eyes!  That is Tim’s hand in the picture, not mine.  Thankfully it didn’t seem to do damage to our van in the driveway, but I can’t say that I inspected it.  However, it is very likely that Tim did and since he hasn’t informed me of any damage I will assume that there wasn’t any!

playing horseYesterday morning Lilly decided to attempt to dress as a horseback rider and recruit her brothers to be her horses.  They got into the spirit of it and even attempted to dress themselves to look like Flicka and her colt.  I love when they pretend!  I think it is the best type of play.  They weren’t using any of their toys, just miscellaneous clothing that they had.  During a couple of the very rainy days this week the kids watched two of the 3 Flicka movies that we own and so some of them (ahem…Hannah) definitely have horses on the brain.

The past couple of weeks we have also been trying to get to know our neighbors.  We were especially excited when we saw that some of our new neighbors that have moved in recently behind us had some “older” kids.  Many of the families in our neighborhood have children, but most of them are closer to Jacob’s age than my other kids.  Ben is thrilled that he now has a 9 year old boy neighbor to play with and Lilly is quite excited as well because they have a girl that is close to her age.

We have had a couple of interesting events lately as well.  I’m glad I can laugh about this first one…now!  Tim and I were having a conversation with Hannah and had asked Ben to watch Jacob.  A few minutes later Nathan went downstairs and discovered Jacob had gotten into trouble.  He yelled for me and I came downstairs to find that Jacob had emptied an entire 1/2 gallon of soy milk in the living room onto the couch and the carpet.  He also emptied the little bit of orange juice that was left in a jug and spilled a good bit of apple juice on the kitchen floor.  I think I screamed.  I didn’t even know what to begin to do to take care of it.  Tim and I ended up spending the rest of the evening soaking up soy milk from the couch and the carpet, taking the covers from the cushions to the cleaners, buying a carpet cleaner, and using the carpet cleaner to suck up the rest of the milk out of the carpet.  We ordered pizza for dinner.

The very next day the kids and I were cleaning out the van.  All of the kids had gone back into the house except for Hannah (at least I thought they had) and I was vacuuming out the van.  A few minutes later Hannah asked where Jacob was.      I thought he had gone inside with the other kids, but apparently he had not because he was not in there.  I looked across all of the backyards to the sidewalk that leads to the park and there he was.  He had ridden his tricycle (except he can’t peddle) down the sidewalk past two houses and around the corner and past two more houses where he was going to cross the street to go to the playground!  I raced across all of my neighbors yards to get to him and found that he was on his way back home when I saw him since some construction workers had stopped him from crossing the street.  I was so worked up the rest of the day.  I am very thankful that this is not a regular occurrence.  I might have heart failure.

Ok, last story for today.  I have been going to the chiropractor’s office regularly for help with my back and imagine my surprise when I went for my appointment on Thursday and the FBI was there!!  I don’t know what was going on, but they told me that the office would reschedule my appointment and they took my name and phone number and date of birth because they said they were going to call me to ask me some questions.  They have not as of yet, so I don’t think they are actually going to.  They were quite nice about it, but of course did not inform me of why they were there or any such thing.  Then as I was going back to my van, a news reporter runs up to me from beside the news van to ask me some questions.  After I replied that yes, I was a patient there, she asked me if I was surprised to come to my appointment and find the FBI there.  No!  The FBI is at all my doctor appointments! is what I felt like sarcastically saying, but I was nice and just said yes, I was surprised.  Then she wanted me to say that on camera.  I politely declined.  Then she wanted my name so she could quote me.  I politely declined again.  Imagine my surprise when Tim later that evening found a news clip that had me in it!  Not close up, and mostly from the side or back, but they put me on the news!  They also quoted the things I had said to her, but of course did not say who I was.  It was certainly the most bizarre trip I have ever had to a doctor’s office.



12 04 2013












DSC_0005As promised some time ago, here are some pictures from the kids basketball season.  Somehow we neglected to take any of Hannah playing, which I was really sad about, but I can’t do anything about it now.  Lilly did not want to play, so it was Nathan, Ben, and Hannah.  They all really enjoyed themselves and learned some things as well.  Getting a trophy at the end is always a bonus too!

Spring Break fun

7 04 2013

















All four of the older kids received kites in their Easter baskets this year.  They were really excited and very much looked forward to flying them.  Thankfully we had lots of wonderful weather on our break this week and on Wednesday Tim had some time off to enjoy with us.  Tuesday evening we went over to our park that is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our house and flew the kites.  We all really enjoyed ourselves.  The kids have had lots of fun being off from school these past two weeks.  I have some other pictures that I will be sharing as well.  Thankfully, everyone has been very healthy other than me and we have had no major injuries since Ben’s finger.  Speaking of which, it is healing very well.

I realized when I took the pictures off the camera today of how long it has really been since I have posted.  I had 188 pictures on the camera!  Of course probably 100 of them were probably from our museum trip – which I will be sharing later this week. (Not all 100, of course!)   I am just starting to feel back to myself after some different health issues (nothing major) that I have been having.  For awhile it was as if I would just begin to start feeling better from one thing in time to have some other issue!  I am thankful to say that currently I am feeling very well!  Even my back seems to be making some progress as of this past week.  I have a few more posts planned for this week in order to catch everyone up on the exciting happenings here in Indiana 🙂


The look

21 03 2013

This is “the look”.  Jacob first began giving us this look if we said something he didn’t like, or if he was questioning us in some way.  However, we found it so comical that he now does it on demand, just to make us laugh.

Jacob's look

I felt like giving Jacob “the look” when I realized that he had brought an orange marker into my bed unbeknownst to me and I ended up laying on it and coloring my sheets…and my pajamas.  I am thankful for washable markers!  “Just put ’em in the wash; they’ll be grand.” (Can you name that movie? It’s one of my favorites!)

DSC_0118I’m sorry that I’ve not been posting very regularly lately.  I’ve really not been feeling well between recurring back issues and new vertigo issues.  I’ve just been trying to get the bare minimum done, and on good days pay a little more attention to my kids.  We did get to go to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum last week when Tim’s mom was here.  I highly recommend the place if you are ever around here!  It was really amazing.  I hope to be up to posting more soon!


It’s March already!

7 03 2013

I guess I have lots of updating to do!  Last week was an extremely busy week for us, but we survived and I was very pleased to be “snowed in” today!  I guess we really didn’t have to be, but it was nice to feel like I could use that for an excuse!  The kids all had a blast playing in the snow that we received over night and this was Jacob’s first official time to play in the snow!  It took him a little time to get used to walking in the snow, but before long he was even eating it like all my other children!  They all love to eat the snow!  We have no hills remotely close to us (at least that we know of – this is Indiana after all!) – so Hannah took the job of pulling Jacob around on the sled.  Ben and Lilly stayed out the longest – they were out there for at least 3 hours straight.  I am so glad they were able to enjoy it today – because based on the weather forecast over the next few days the snow will not be hanging around for long!










Ben made family history this week.  He has the first broken bone of any of our children!  We went to a place called Snapperz on Monday night and Ben’s left pinky finger was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was smashed  between two colliding bowling balls!  Thankfully, there was no need to set anything, so the trip to the doctor(s) was not too horrible.  They got the x-rays and saw that he broke the tip of the bone off, gave him a splint to protect it, and sent us on our way with a return appointment in two weeks for another x-ray to make sure things are healing correctly.  He was very brave!  His finger looks horrible!  Maybe tomorrow I will try to get him to let me take a picture of it without the splint on!  Oh, by the way, Snapperz is similar to Chuck E Cheese, but has other bigger things like bounce around types and rock climbing wall, mini bowling, etc.  Ben doesn’t really want to go there anymore.



This is Jacob completely obsessed with mesmerized by Elmo.  He’s his new best friend.

DSC_0066The kids also finished their last day of basketball this past Saturday.  Yeah!  We get Saturdays back!  I will be posting some pictures that I have of that soon!



25 02 2013


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I’ve been a little preoccupied with visiting!  We traveled back to Ohio to visit friends and family this past week.  It was really enjoyable and quite helpful to me.  We were able to attend church last Sunday where we used to go every week.  It was extra special because it was a special meeting called Ward Conference and a lot of the Stake Leaders were there.  It was wonderful to see the special people there that we miss very much.  We continued the rest of that day and throughout the week to visit many friends and family members.  It was really quite healing to me.  It was as if this visit was closure for me.  I hadn’t realized it would be like that, but it really was.  It was really great to see everyone, but as the week went on it was as if I was being reminded that I really don’t belong there anymore.  It’s a sad thing in a way – but exactly what I needed in order to get on with things here.  I think I’ve been holding back from letting myself be truly happy here in Indiana.  The final clincher, I think, was visiting my friend Christine who now lives in our old house.  I think that subconsciously I needed to be there and see them living there with their things.  We put so much into that home – it was wonderful to be able to see them enjoying it.  Thanks Christine!!

I have a few pictures that I’ve been meaning to share, and a new one from today.  This is the first one – Jacob likes to play in our shower.  And he also likes to brush his own teeth.  He also likes to continue to get into the refrigerator that we have a lock on specifically to keep him out!  Funny how 2 year olds can figure out things like that.

photo (5)


Speaking of two year olds… this is a picture from Jacob’s birthday.  He thought it was great that he blew out his own candles.  He loved the letters on his cake too.  He loves to see bold letters – he gets all excited!  Of course at this point he calls them all “B”, but he loves them!  He also loves colors – and he does know several of those now.  Blue, pink, green, and yellow – and I think he knows black – at least he says “black”, but I’m not sure if he actually knows what it is.  We are so excited that he’s beginning to talk!

photo (6)


The next few pictures are from our homeschool Valentine’s Day party that was actually the day after Valentine’s Day.  There is a family from our ward here that we get together with a couple of times a month for the kids to play and have some sort of lesson.  The moms get to chat about how things are going and celebrate and sympathize with one another. 🙂  The kids exchanged Valentine’s for this time and we learned a little about the Valentine’s Day tradition.  Did you know that there is a lot of speculation of how it started, but there is no definitive history recorded of it?  The kids decorated sugar cookies and had some fun playing together.  We are so thankful to have them for our friends!  The kids all play great (7)

photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (12)